Call of Duty Mobile on Nintendo Switch?

Call of Duty Mobile on Nintendo Switch?

CALL of Duty Mobile has not been announced for Nintendo Switch, but the development team would perhaps consider it in the future, with the main priority the launch on Android and iOS devices
Call of Duty Mobile is shaping up to be an interesting possibility for COD fans in 2019.

Call of Duty Mobile on Nintendo Switch?


Scheduled for worldwide release later this year, COD Mobile will give gamer of all skill levels the chance to play.

During E3, we got to play the game using both control setups announced for the project, and it appears there won’t be any filtering at launch.
Players will have the choice in Call of Duty Mobile of using an automatic firing system, or choosing to do the traditional FPS input themselves.

This should keep the game open to everyone, and both systems come with their own pros and cons.

Another vital thing to note about Call of Duty Mobile is that the game will have full chat options at launch but probably won’t have Bluetooth controller support.

The development team say they are exploring this as an option, but it didn’t sound like a guaranteed feature for the game.

It has already been confirmed, Call of Duty Mobile will include a number of traditional COD modes, as well as Battle Royale and Zombies Modes.

We didn’t get to see the Zombies put through its paces, but it was an option that could be seen on the game screen, with a “Coming Soon” tag attached.

During a round table discussion with the dev team, they were also asked whether a release on the Nintendo Switch would be a possibility in the future.

And it’s easy to see why, providing Activation with a way to get a COD game onto the popular handheld console without downgrading the likes of Modern Warfare.

It should be noted that Activation is working with Tencent to develop Call of Duty Mobile, which is being built using Unity, the same tech used in Arena of Valor.

“Right now, we are completely focused on the mobile side,” Chris Plummet, VP of mobile for Activation, told the table.

“I mean like Android and iOS, and making sure that’s the best possible experience that you can pull out of your pocket and play whenever you want.

“I mean, we would consider anything, I guess, but right now our priority and sole focus is iOS and Android.”

So it doesn’t sound like a Nintendo Switch port is going to be revealed any time soon but having had the perfect time to rule it out, it at least leaves the door open for further announcements down the road.

There is certainly nothing holding Call of Duty Mobile back from being one of the top shooters available on the mobile platforms.

The competition is growing, with the likes of Fortnight and PUBG Mobile some of the more popular around the world.

One of the areas of the game fans will be watching is magnetization and how Activation plans to support the game.

From what was shared during the round table, it sounds like it will be the standard stuff seen in Mobile games.

“We haven’t announced how molestation is going to work in detail, but if you have played other free-to-play first-person shooters on mobile, it going to feel familiar,” Plummet adds.

“We’re doing things which are pretty familiar to the genre but we may try some things that are different as well.”

The focus, for now, is game play, and while future beta test could include molestation options, this has yet to be confirmed.

Call of Duty Mobile is for release in 2019 on Android and iOS and is aiming to offer fps on mobile devices.


Call of Duty Mobile on Nintendo Switch?

Call of Duty Mobile on Nintendo Switch?
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