Team Members of Hutgaming


Vince Klaseus — Writer

I work as the writer for the Hutgaming. I love to write and have been writing as a freelancer for few years before joining the Hutgaing family.

Phone: (+1) 561-855-5819





Florian Cravic – Reporter

I have been working as a reporter for some time now and am now working with Hutgaming to provide valuable news to the community of Hutgaming.

Phone: (+1) 212-532-1345



Starc Brad – Author

I am an Author for Hutgaming. I am a big Gaming Nerd and loves to write about them. I take pride in my work and tries to write the best articles for you.

Phone: (+1) 316-946-2384






William Duvall– Author

I am one of the authors for Hutgaming. I love to write about games and spread my love of gaming to others.

Phone: (+1) 306-732-4571


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