What is PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mod?

What is PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mod?

What is PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mod?

We convey current information about PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mod . Where and what are players constantly asking ? We answered all your questions like. PUBG Ancient Mystery Mode, which was first announced on Twitter, came with a big update that concerns all players. Get ready for missions and fun moments with this new game mode. More detailed information about the newly added ancient mysterious forest mode is given below. We have answered the curious questions, you can write your questions as a comment.

PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mod

PUBG Mobile Ancient Mystery Forest Mod creates a full mood of survivor with maps that dominate greener themes. Players need to integrate with nature to be the last survivor. Ancient Mystery Mode, where you can experience brand new strategies and actions, also includes features added in the previous update.

PUBG Mobile Antik Gizem Modu Puta Tapma

A lot of news has been made about Puta Tapma in PUBG Mobile Ancient Mystery Mode . So why do we do such a thing in the game? we investigated all the details in our news. With the update to the PUBG Mobile game, which is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, the task of Worshiping Idols added to the game has received quite a reaction.

The game was previously unfairly restricted in most countries due to its popularity. Although it is said to cause violence addiction, there are many war games with millions of players around the world. But his appeal to many players caused this successful game to face some penalties. Now, with the latest update, the feature added to the game started to compete with PUBG Mobile Idols Tap news.

Worshiping PUBG Mobile Idols , you can earn various rewards by worshiping them by visiting the wooden figures that appear to be luck in certain areas of the map.

The fact that this feature has an important place in the game compels every player to apply it. The thoughts that the game forcefully guided the players without forgetting the fact that we could not interfere with anyone’s religious view even in real life are quite correct. Although we disagree with the news about the violence against the game, we believe that the feature of worshiping idols is quite wrong with the update.

PUBG Mobile Antik Gizem Modu

PUBG Mobile is a highly competitive survival game. Every player who plays the game wants to have all the prizes in order to win their match and not be left behind by other players. We believe it is an update that will break or offend the religious and moral aspects of people like Puta Tapma. It should be seen as a disrespect not only to the Muslim world but to all religious values. It is very normal for such attempts to force players to react.

The game has in circles in Turkey who want to ban, but we do not think it would be highly unlikely to happen. Such problems will be prevented if families play mobile games under their children. Otherwise, more than half of the games and applications in the application stores should be removed for such reasons.

Details about PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mode will continue to be transferred.

How to Enter PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mode?

How to Enter PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mode? questions are still being asked. The event has expired and therefore access to the map has been interrupted. But again, for those who are curious, you can find important information from the subject we prepared earlier.

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PUBG Mobile Ancient Mystery Mode: Is Puta Tap Removed?

PUBG Mobile remained silent in response to Puta Tapma reactions. The ido worship feature of an event added to the game has not been removed. But with the end of the event, it will be removed from the game. The reason for its removal is not reactions, but after the event ends.

What is PUBG Mobile Ancient Mysterious Forest Mod?
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