What is CS GO RAW Input?

What is CS GO RAW Input?

What is CS GO RAW Input?

What is CS GO Raw Login? We answer the question. We tell people who do not know the Raw Input feature in the mouse settings section of the game. In order to increase the performance you get in the game and to have a better gaming experience, you need to know what the features are for. We tell you which feature works and what situations you should use. What is the CS GO RAW Input that players are curious about ? you will learn below.

What Does CS GO RAW Login Do?

CS GO Raw Entry regulates the sensitivity ratios of the mouse you use during the game. The mouse sensitivity settings you set on your computer during the Raw Input settings will not work in the game. You will re-adjust your mouse sensitivity in the game.

Your mouse sensitivity, which is normally fast when using the computer, is at the same speed in the game. If you do not want to lower this setting again when you enter the game. You can use the CS GO Raw Login feature. Adjust your mouse sensitivity in the game and use a different sensitivity on the desktop and a different sensitivity in the game.

What Does CS GO RAW Login Do?

What is CS GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a legendary online FPS game where the world memorizes its name. When we say war game, this game definitely comes to mind for everyone playing and not playing.


Despite 8 years passed over CS: GO, which has managed to grow continuously with the features they developed and the successful strategies they have made, it still manages to break records. It has tournaments watched all over the world with its successful developments especially in the competition system. It is unbeatable when it is free on such a multiplayer and equal game.

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What is CS GO RAW Input? “What does it do?” We answered in the title. You can write the questions you want to ask as comments. We will continue to convey current information about Raw Entry.

What is CS GO RAW Input?
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