Valorant New Agent: Killjoy Guide (Abilities and Release Date)

Valorant New Agent: Killjoy Guide (Abilities and Release Date)

Valorant New Agent: Killjoy Guide (Abilities and Release Date)

t comes to be the favorite of all players with its talents and features. Riot Games continues its work on the new game played on the computer after League of Legends. The developers who managed to transfer the classic characters and skill features to the FPS game Valorant are now increasing the competition with new agents.

Valorant new agent news first began to spread on foreign forum sites. Riot Games did not make a statement about the new agent news, but after a while they shared content about the agent we found out to be Killjoy.

The capabilities of the new agent named Killjoy, introduced in the YouTube video, are highlighted. Thanks to the robots he uses in his abilities, he distracts the enemies and hunts them off guard. Competition will increase with the arrival of the new agent. We will continue to convey information about Valorant’s new character, Killjoy.

Valorant New Agent: Killjoy Guide (Abilities and Release Date)

Valorant Yeni Ajan: Killjoy

Valorant continues to share details about the new agent, Killjoy. As in the game of League of Legends, they are preparing special stories for the agents in order to include the players in the universe they created.

The story about Killjoy, which will be added to the Valorant game, has not been shared yet, but we can see how the character has features from the first show.

Valorant Killjoy Abilities
Although Valorant does not share written information about his new agent, Killjoy, we can predict the talents in the video introducing the agent. The abilities of Killjoy, the brand new Agent of Valorant maps.

(Q) Alarmbot Ability
Killjoy (Q) The robot, which is dropped on the ground with the ability of Alarmbot, attacks enemies around with bullets. The Alarmbot ability also makes the enemy it attacks 2x more vulnerable.

(W) Turret Ability
Killjoy (W) Turret Ability drops a turret at a location marked by the agent around it. Turret turns into a trap that automatically fires at enemies around it after a while.

(E) Nanoswarm Ability
Killjoy (E) Throw grenades to enemies with the Nanoswarm Ability. This grenade also drives mini robots.

(R) Lockdown Ultimate Ability
Killjoy (R) Lockdown Skill is the ultimate ability to change the fate of the game. When Lockdown is installed at the location you set, the movement of all enemies around is restricted.

Valorant New Agent Killjoy Promotional Video

When is Valorant new agent killjoy coming? (Release date)
Although information about Valorant New Agent Killjoy started to be shared, work on the agent is still ongoing. It is not yet clear when the new agent will be added to the game. We will continue to convey new information about the release date and killjoy.

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Valorant New Agent: Killjoy Guide (Abilities and Release Date)
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