Obsidian reveals details of RPG Avowed

Obsidian reveals details of RPG Avowed

Obsidian reveals details of RPG Avowed

On Thursday, July 23rd, Microsoft hosted the Xbox Games Showcase featuring a selection of games for the next generation Xbox Series X. The company showcased games created by its Xbox games studio, including the RPG Avowed.

Avowed is an RPG game from the Obsidian studio, which is famous for its role-playing games, and now the developers decided to tell a little more about the project. This is reported by Informant Tech , referring to the Twitter account of the insider Sponger .

According to the developers, players will find a large-scale first-person role-playing game. Nevertheless, insiders managed to find more information about the project. A certain Sponger shared unofficial details , and the reliability of the leak was confirmed by the insider Klobrille, who previously disclosed the truthful information about the cases at Xbox Game Studios.

Some info on Avowed. @klobrille Is «Sponger» an insider or something? I don’t think i’ve seen this info before now. pic.twitter.com/9RoMtoGHzA

— Joe_Sinister (@Joe_Sinister1) July 26, 2020


  • The plot revolves around the fight against tyranny.
  • Avowed will continue to develop the Pillars of Eternity universe.
  • Completely open world. Much larger, more varied and richer than Skyrim.
  • The action will unfold in the world of Eora on the island of The Living Lands.
  • Obsidian focuses on interacting with the world and how it responds to the player.
  • They promise advanced artificial intelligence and physics that will interact with magic.
  • Real-time weather.
  • Advanced character creation tools.
  • Mod support (both PC and Xbox)
  • Many different factions, but the approach is different from Skyrim.
  • There will be companions, but the system is different from The Outer Worlds.
  • Bosses will be, moreover, “much more.”
  • Two large cities and many small ones are planned, which will differ in climate and nature.
  • Dynamic dialogues.
  • The developers want to allow the player to “kill everyone in the game.”
  • About 100 people have been working on Avowed for 2 years and 7 months.
  • The release is planned for late 2022 or early 2023.
  • The insider notes that the release is still far away, because some of the systems and planned mechanics may not
  • survive or change.

Obsidian reveals details of RPG Avowed

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Obsidian reveals details of RPG Avowed
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