Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game

Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game

Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game

Fall Guys presents an experience that you rarely encounter, namely a battle royale game that is very casual, fun and for everyone.

Since it was first announced , Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout immediately caught the attention of me and many people. This game combines the battle royale genre with TV shows like Takeshi Fort and is packed with cute, colorful visuals. From that idea alone, this game looks and sounds very fun and casual . Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game

Fall Guys finally released on Steam and Playstation 4 on August 4, 2020. Sure enough, this game gives you a very casual and fun battle royale .

Fun No matter what

You and 59 other players will face various obstacle courses, each with different rules. In each obstacle, several players will be eliminated until finally the final challenge leaves only one person as the winner.

The available challenges also vary, ranging from obstacle runs such as guessing and passing through door barriers, elimination games such as avoiding rotating bars that will knock you out of the arena, to team games such as scrambling for eggs. Whatever the challenge, you only need to remember the four buttons, namely run, jump, dive , and grab . All challenges are also quite simple and you can immediately understand them when you see them. So you should be ready to play right away.

Fall Guys is fun . All the elements in this game , starting from the very simple character of the player, the colorful visuals, to the interactions you have in each challenge make this game always fun to play. In almost every session I always smile or laugh while playing and see the chaos and madness that occurs in each challenge. Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game

You may be knocked over and over again by the giant ball when you want to run to the finish line, or be held by another player until you are dragged down by the wall, watching the player grab the crown of the champion you almost won. You may be very good or very bad, win or lose, play alone or play with friends. Whatever the situation, Fall Guys still gives you a fun experience . Coupled with the short duration of each challenge, you will never feel bored because you have been in one challenge for too long.

More To Come?

Currently Fall Guys has quite a number of challenges chosen at random, and in one session you will usually only play a maximum of five challenges to become the champion. Although the majority of challenges provide a chaotic experience , there are a few that I think are a little less than others. Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game

One of them is a challenge where you have to stand on a platform with a fruit that fits the screen. Besides that, there is also the challenge of Hoopsie Daisy, whose RNG element is very high. Even though it’s quickly forgotten, I still feel a little frustrated because the spawn hoop is too random . Finally, there are also some games like Tail Tag where you feel that you are in a quite far position from your opponent, but your tail is still stolen due to the tick server .

Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game
But among the many really exciting challenges, it’s only natural that one or two isn’t quite as memorable. I am sure that the developer behind this Fall Guys game will also create a new arena and change and rotate the challenges they have to keep this game fresh . Because after a few weeks or months, many players will start to get bored with some of the challenges that exist.

Finally, because they did not expect that their game would be so in demand, Fall Guys often experienced server problems and had to go into maintenance . After being able to play several times, I experienced disconnection or difficulty getting to the lobby . So far Fall Guys has been quite active in repairing and increasing their server capacity. Hopefully in the future we can all play without any problems at all.

Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game

Whether alone or together with friends / family, Fall Guys is the right game if you want to have fun in a game with Battle Royale elements but very casual . You don’t have to be a very experienced or skilled player to play and enjoy this. So, hop in and have fun !

Fall Guys Review, Casual and Fun Battle Royale Game
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