company of crime Free Pc Version Free Download 2021
Xbox One / Xbox 360

company of crime Free Xbox  Version Free Download 2021

company of crime Free Xbox  Version Free Download 2021

game introduction
  Crime Company is a turn-based strategy game based on a God’s perspective gangster theme. It is set in a fictional 1960s London. The theme is about who can control London in black and white. shares a crime company download. This is a narrative-based tactical game. Your task is to build or destroy a criminal empire.


company of crime Free Pc Version Free Download 2021

Crime company game features
  Close combat based on tactical turn system

  Focusing on close combat in a narrow space, “Company of Crime” is distinct from other tactical turn-based strategy games. Units have control areas, which means your choices will determine their fate. Obstruct the enemy’s movement, seize the advantage of numbers, and sneak attack from the rear to obtain the outflank bonus. You can even create a safe passage for other units that will not withstand free attacks by making insidious tricks. If someone takes a gun, be sure to look for a cover or seize the weapon before the casualties increase.

  Police Attention System

  When doing dirty work, remember to learn to hide from others in order to do evil safely. Noisy gunfire or shooting enemies will only attract more attention, and the criminal empire that has swaggered through the city is destined to not last. It is always better to avoid the limelight cleverly than open confrontation. If the situation is too difficult, you must have a handle to contain the police.

  Level progress

  Don’t think it’s as simple as a battle between soldiers. Regardless of the task, in addition to the health and physical strength, the progress of the level must be considered. Even if you successfully beat up the tavernkeeper, you can’t swagger away before the police arrive. You need to destroy any evidence that links you to the crime scene before you can escape.

Crime company game highlights
  Use criminal methods to build a legitimate business

  You also need a legal facade business when building a criminal empire. In order to promote the progress of the game, you need to… uh huh… “convince” people to sell their companies and mansions at a low price, or at least you need to make others blind to their private activities. After acquiring more locations, you will unlock more props, systems, and elements, but at the same time you will also face sudden attacks from the police or hostile gangs.

  Diverse story

  Your task is to create or destroy a criminal empire, but this is not your stage. London in the 1960s was full of the Beat generation, Moss, lemon heads, rockers and other diverse contemporary cultural groups. Here is also a crumbling empire. Britain during the Cold War was the most splendid treasure in the cultural world, but at the same time it was experiencing increasingly severe internal and external troubles. There is a mysterious organization plotting to destroy the British Empire, and the most suitable to fight against are the elites of the Underground World and the Police Rangers.

  Police response

  Traitors are usually silent, so the police game mechanism is more passive. You will be notified when there is a violent incident, but this is not the best way to find evidence of a criminal family. Appoint patrol officers to investigate suspicious locations, question informants and apply for search warrants before searching suspicious locations. Make sure that prisoners cannot destroy evidence of crimes before they are arrested, otherwise they will get rid of Jin Chan.


company of crime Free Xbox  Version Free Download 2021




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  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.

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company of crime Free Xbox  Version Free Download 2021
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