5 Recommended Mobile Games You May Never Play

5 Recommended Mobile Games You May Never Play

5 Recommended Mobile Games You May Never Play

Even though it is often discredited by the console and PC community, the mobile game segmentation has actually become a platform that has proven to bring a lot of money through its microtransactions, especially in Asia and even Indonesia. Call it one of them PUBG Mobile. which are now proving to be more popular than the original games which were first released on PC. 5 Recommended Mobile Games You May Never Play.

As you can see in the image below, MOBA genre games such as Mobile Legends and Battle Royale such as Free Fire and PUBG have still dominated the mobile market in recent years. Not only that, various games with advertisements that don’t match the contents of the game alone can get the title of best selling game. 5 Recommended Mobile Games You May Never Play.

For those of you who are not mobile game enthusiasts or maybe just feel bored and sick of seeing the same games that are popular on the handheld platform, here I will recommend a few exciting mobile games that are quite underrated or rarely known by many people, at least in Indonesia.

1. Rodeo Stampede: Sky Safari

An endless run game where you become a cowboy who jumps from one animal to another and drives it through various obstacles. Even though the premise is quite simple, know that each animal has different traits, speed and abilities when you ride it. The thing that is not less interesting is that you will also manage a sky zoo, where each type of animal you ride will be part of your zoo exhibition.

2. Soda Dungeon

For those of you who like RPG games, you really have to try the Soda Dungeon game. Instead of being a fighter, your role here is the owner of the Soda stall. Various heroes will come to your stall, and you can recruit them for expeditions into the dungeon. Exterminate enemies, get treasures, then use them to upgrade your warung to bring in even more epic heroes to explore further dungeons. You can also try Soda Dungeon 2 for content that is no less exciting.

3. Sky: Children of Light

Suitable for those of you who are looking for a relaxing game. Coming from the hands of the makers of the 2013 Journey game, Sky: Children of the Light offers a game premise that is more or less the same. Explore 7 worlds alone or with other players to solve various puzzles, uncover hidden mysteries, and create hope, accompanied by relaxing music. Coming as an online game, you can certainly expect a variety of new content and events in the future. 5 Recommended Mobile Games You May Never Play.


4. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Coming from a simple mini game in The Witcher 3, Gwent then evolved into a mixed game of TCG and CCG which is arguably quite complex. However, this game itself is arguably “easy to learn, difficult to master,” making it perfect for those of you who like card games and new challenges. Gwent is also arguably the card game with the most eye-pleasing graphics and animation today.


5. Guardian Tales

An RPG game that has just been released recently. Even though the graphics that are presented are simply cute sprites that are minimalistic and simple, the content that is presented in Guardian Tales is varied. Apart from fighting enemies, almost every level you visit has puzzle areas that you can complete to get more rewards. Your character’s abilities will also vary depending on the weapon you are using, so you are encouraged to find the fighting ability that suits you as the game progresses. Not to be left behind, the storyline, even though it is somewhat cliché, presents a lot of humor and funny things in it. 5 Recommended Mobile Games You May Never Play.

So, from the five games above, which one are you most interested in playing? Or do you even know good mobile games that many people don’t know? Come on, just let us know in the comments column!

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5 Recommended Mobile Games You May Never Play
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